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Long Distance Relationship

The moon was 238,900 miles away from the Earth.

That’s far.

But people said “I love you to the moon and back” all the time.

They would also say “From New York to California is too far.”

“Chicago to LA is too far.”

So how far would be too far for you? How much you are willing to try for love?

I have never been a fan of long distance relationship. I assumed it was hard so I never did. Always honest to myself was one of the things I always try to do. Still, I knew many of my friends tried, failed and a few of them even succeeded. Long distance relationship, like everyone already knew, included phone calls, Skype, text messages, missed promises because of “things coming up”, surprised delivered gifts, the whole usual thing.

Then I met a guy when I was traveling. I couldn’t remember his name now or even how he looked like. I just met him near the train station, decided to take a walk with him. There was always something about not being at home that encouraged people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. It wasn’t much of a special conversation, just the usual “what do you like to do in your free time?”. Until I told him, I was just visiting. I wouldn’t stay here for long. And he told me an idea of his definition of long-distance relationship that I’ve never forgotten.

If he liked me, he would be willing to have a long distance relationship, because distance wouldn’t mean much if he moved to where I lived. He would just move. He told me. All the girl needed to do was loving him. He would arrange his life to move to her.

You would drop everything? I asked

A career could be built anywhere if I am capable. True love doesn’t come by often. If I think it’s worth it, I’ll move. He told me.

He probably just bluffed to impress a girl he first met. Or he actually meant it. I remembered what he said till today not because I thought it was romantic or I hoped someone would do that for me. I remembered because after he said that, I had so many questions.

Was that the right thing to do? Would it be better to leave a career to go after love? Would it be better to go after love because career could be made anywhere? Was the guy a hopeless romantic? Or it was actually what people should do?

I couldn’t tell whether or not the decision was a good idea. But I respected the decisiveness. When a relationship became long distance, both sides knew that it would be long distance. Wouldn’t having a decision made better than just dragging out?

6 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationship

  1. For me it’s obvious, a career can be made anywhere 😊 Love is more important than work. And moving somewhere else is an adventure, and that’s what life’s about: new experiences.
    I loved the way you wrote this, very sweet 😊


  2. What you said reminds me of something my ex told me. He would move to be where I am, we never did long distance but if I move, he would follow sooner or later. I think LDR should be that way. If you love someone enough, you will relocate, have an end goal of being together. But if a guy I just met told me that, I’d think he’s bluffing.


  3. I’ve had a few LDRs. My best and longest is my best friend – we’re not lovers. We dated for a year after college, and I did move to the same city, but we were better equipped to be friends. So we have been. I have several distant friends; when I am where they are, it is like nothing has changed. Our lives just happen to be passing in different states. My farthest distance was Scotland (I’m an American). I think one of us would have moved for the other, if there were lasting connections. Most of my relationships have not worked, and distance is not usually the reason they falter; communication and commitment seem to be big areas. If I’m worth the communication while far away, odds are good I’ll have my needs met any where. I met my husband while in another state, and he and I continue to travel, stretching our relationship over distances. Right now, we’re on separate coasts. But it also depends on being an independent person, to start with. If someone would never move, that would be an end, for me. One or the other of us. But it’s tricky: if they won’t move, are they worth moving for?


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