I paint my nails

I took out my nail lamp from under the table. I had to connect the cord to an extension so I could comfortably put the lamp on my little living room table. I wanted to watch TV while painting my nails at 3am. It wasn’t like I was going to work the next day.

I chose a deeper, calmer color this time with just a little blink. So like forest green on four and a glittery silver on one. I was just not a completely tone down person. Lowering it down to only one blinky nail per hand was the most I could bring myself to do.

“It’s quarantine. We don’t even go outside. What do you paint your nails for?” He asked. Obviously didn’t understand women.

“You don’t like my painted claws?” I waved my hands in front of him.

“Yeah. Yeah. Sure ” He said. Again, obviously didn’t understand women.

I stretched out my arms and waved my nails for me to see and admire a few more times before satisfactionarily going back to the computer.

I sat down and started to write. When I typed, my painted fingers ran across the keyboard. The little peaks of forest green and glittery silver bounced up and down along with the rhyme of my mechanical keyboard. I was so proud of myself.

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