A good life

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

When John was twenty five, he had a decent job. It was not the most well paid one yet. But he knew where he would be years from then and how much he would make. So he was satisfied with his job. Next, he had to find himself a wife. This one was not as easy. He could try but in reality, whether or not he would meet a girl he liked that was also willing to settle down with him one day was kind of pure luck. And John wasn’t very good at gambling. Meanwhile, he dated around. He traveled places. He tried new things. He was living his best 20 something life.

Then he met Rachel. Thank God he met Rachel. The dating game was getting exhausting mentally and physically. He was so glad he finally found someone stable for at least a little while. She was a nurse so she was all he could ask for in the caring department. She was soft and sweet and he knew she was the one. Naturally, they got married.

Married life wasn’t that hard. Of course, there were times they argued but nothing that could really break them. They tried to squeeze in a vacation or two. They couldn’t really go on a lot of vacation though they make money. They didn’t have time. It was difficult for John to leave everything for his subordinates. And Rachel, needless to say, the woman was a nurse. She didn’t even sleep.

Rachel was pregnant. They were both happy and worried. Rachel had a good pregnancy and there came little Boy. It was hard taking care of a child. They never really fully knew what they did was wrong or right. But it was very much fun. So much fun that they decided to bring little Girl to life with just a little year apart. They barely had enough sleep for three years. They were busy with work, with children that they couldn’t think of anything else. They were happy but tired. They were satisfied but busy.

They both were making more money year by year. Their kid grew up and stopped waking up at night crying. Then schools came. They had to take turns taking the kids to school. Little Boy wanted to do karate and little Girl wanted dance lessons. They had to take turn to pick them up from school then extracurricular activities then pick them up to get home. John really really wanted a vacation. He missed getting away from home. He missed laying on the sand under the sun. He missed skiing down the Black Diamond slopes. he missed hiking up the tough trails with beautiful views. He missed not hurrying anywhere. But they had to spend weekends taking the kids to away tournaments or family gatherings or someone’s birthday parties. It was the good life that everyone else wanted. He shouldn’t complain.

It took them a while but they were finally close enough to having their time and freedom back. Little Boy grew up so fast. He soon would go to college, then little Girl a year later. John and Rachel could get the vacations they always wanted now. Though, they couldn’t really go climb or hike on the mountains anymore. Their knees and back were aching. Maybe they could do some yoga and be flexible again to climb those one day. They couldn’t go skiing. Getting older, they got much more sensitive to temperature. Their poor souls couldn’t handle staying in the freezing mountain resort for days to skii. Guess, they could still go to the beach. They shouldn’t really swim far into the ocean where the tides were strong. They were much weaker now. That was probably a bit dangerous. Now, with all the time and freedom they finally got back. They could take their time to go anywhere. Or, maybe just the beach.

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