I had to go

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When I was nineteen, I left home. It was probably too late or it was probably too early. I couldn’t really tell. I just knew that it was time I should leave.

I didn’t hate my family. I loved them. When I told Mom about leaving, she cried and tried to beg me to stay. Dad was shaking his head asking me multiple times if I had thought this through carefully. I told him I did.

When the day came, I packed my bags and carried them out to the car. Dad helped me. He said at least took his own car so I wouldn’t have to sleep on the street until I found what I was looking for. He was carrying one of my bag out to the trunk when the bag slipped out of his hand and started floating into the air. He froze, dead stared at the floating bag in mid-air. His eyes got watery. He asked me again, if I really wanted to leave and would I be ok out there alone.

I grabbed the bag from mid-air down and put it in the trunk properly. Yes Dad. This was why I had to leave. I got to find a teacher. There must be someone out there that could tell me why I am the way I am and how I can control it. I couldn’t have been the only one in the world. I have telekinesis, but I can’t control it.

When I was young, nobody thought it would be possible for this to even happen. But things around me started to float in mid-air at random. At first, everyone thought it was just the winds. Then it got weirder because it also happened indoors. Then my family realized it was me. I didn’t control anything. Things just floated randomly around me and that scared the heck out of everyone. I was going to elementary school when this happened. When things started floating at school, the kids were scared and the teachers freaked out. They called my parents in, asking many questions in doubt. Dad pretended to scream at them and saying how absurd it was, thinking I had telekinesis. But the next day, he withdrew me from the school and I was home-schooled since then. And we moved to the woods where nobody was around us basically.

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to make friends in real life. My parents didn’t want the news about a telekinesis kid got out. They always told me to be careful. They knew I couldn’t control my power so there was nothing I could really do about the things floating in the air. All they could tell me was that I should try to hide things as soon as I realized something was floating, or tried to run away as fast as possible so people didn’t figure it was me. If the world knew, who knew what types of experiments they would put me through. Me, being kept secretly somewhere to be experimented on was my parents’ biggest nightmare. My family sacrificed a lot for me. And one day, I decided that I couldn’t keep living like this. I had to do something to fix this situation. I couldn’t live my whole life being a burden to myself and my parents. I had to go out there and find a way.

Mom hugged me really tightly. She kept telling me that I shouldn’t try to hard. If after a while, I couldn’t find anything or anyone out there that could help me, I should come back. Dad added that they would always be here for me. I cried. Because of how willing they were to sacrifice for me, I had to leave.

I kissed them goodbye. My eyes were tearful. I drove away. Today’s newspaper floated in the air.

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