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Please don’t love me too much

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Please don’t love me too much. I know you like me. I think you love me. I know you stay awake at night thinking about me. I know you kept all my texts. I know you want to spend all your time with me. I know whenever you saw some little things at the store, you couldn’t help but thought of me. But please don’t love me.

I’m not that good of a person. I’m foolish and selfish. I like you enough to stay but don’t love you enough to stay forever. You are probably the best thing that have ever happened to me but I didn’t dare to try. Because I like you. If you are in my hands, I may hurt you. I know I will, because I’m foolish and selfish, and I know you love me. So don’t love me too much.

I feel guilty of your love and your care. It’s like feeling guilty because it suddenly rains. It’s not anyone’s fault but it feels like I create a sin. I’m not that strong of a person, I can’t carry your love. It’s not a burden. It’s a gift. It’s a gift that you wholeheartedly present to me with both of your hands. I don’t deserve that gift. Please keep it for someone that deserves it better than me. Please keep it for someone that isn’t afraid of loving you.

Please don’t love me too much. For I can’t return your love. My heart still skipped a beat when you said you love me. But it wasn’t from joy. That was my heart aching for you. Oh sweet bee, why did you love me? I’m cold and heartless. If I don’t love you, I don’t love you. I can’t try. I don’t fall in love. I’m like a tree. If you didn’t strike me with all your lightning when you landed, then I’d forever be a tree that just stood there. I wouldn’t ever fall.

Please don’t love me too much. I don’t love you but I care. I know who I am and it hurts me to know you love someone like me.

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