If you were a…

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If you were a rooster, you’ll think you are cool. You’re proud of yourself. You’re flashy with all the fancy feathers. But in the end, you are only a freaking chicken.

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If you were a pig, you’ll lay low. You’ll keep your head down and act as if you’re dumb, though we all know you’re actually very smart. You live your life carelessly because you know there’s no point in trying too hard in life.

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If you were a bird, people are often jealous of you, of how you can fly and go places. they don’t know sometimes you have to go. In exchange to be able to fly, you can’t make yourself warm enough to survive the winter. And that’s why you always have to fly South. It’s never an easy journey.

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If you were a tree squirrel, you’ll work all your life. You don’t get to sleep through the whole winter like you fellow ground squirrels. You gather and hunt all days, just to survive. You fellows sleep while you work. People don’t often know that you work so hard. they just think you’re just like the ground squirrels, sleeping peacefully somewhere.

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If you were a turtle, you’ll live for too long. Things pass, things change and you’re still there. It’s not bad though. Your friends also live that long with you. But the things you know living that long? Sometimes, you’d rather know less.

This article is a little fun take on the idea of spirit animals and the questions we always got asked “If you were an animal, what would you be?”


Pigeons in NYC Parks

Do you like pigeons? Have you ever wanted a scene like in the movie in which you run toward a bunch of pigeons and they all beautifully fly away? Do you like the symbol of peace? If you do, then you should take a trip to New York City. (Venice is also an acceptable choice, but that’s international flying – pun intended.)

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There are a few animals we can see in the wilderness of urban cities: dogs, cats, squirrels etc…but they are all owned by some other people or they would possibly bite you (despite how cute they are). You have to ask for permission to pet them. The only safe-to-approach animals that you are free to come close in a city is pigeons. Also, you can only approach them if you are around walking, not driving and not riding. And no city in the US would force you to walk around as much as New York City.

We have pigeons in every park of this city, from Central Park in Manhattan to a small little community park in Queens. For some reasons, pigeons love New York City. Many of them would stay in New York City even in the winter. They are still around as long as you are. To quote Danny Castellano from the Mindy Project: “I like pigeons. They are free to leave but they choose to stay here in New York all winter long. Unlike those other coward birds.”

Source: The Pigeon Insider

Not all pigeons are the same. Genetically speaking, pigeons in different places have different genetic makeups. They may look similar enough to each other that they are recognizably pigeons but on a genomic level, they are not the same. For example, though not too far apart, NYC and Boston’s pigeons do not share the same genetic makeup *. Pigeons are homebodies. They tend to stay within a hundreds feet of where they were born. Just because they can fly, doesn’t mean they would fly far away from home. That’s why NYC pigeons are signature to the geographic limits of NYC and the Virginia and Connecticut region.

According to no scientifically accurate source, NYC pigeons are most often unfraid of people and chubby. About the chubby part, it’s hard to avoid when they live in a city that is famous for their pizzas. I can say with an almost guarantee that if they are street animals in New York City, they have tasted pizzas. For some strange reasons, people threw away their pizzas on the street and into the subway quite a bit in NYC. Pigeons and rats are not particularly picky animals. They eat what they can find.

About the part of them not being afraid humans, they are truly not. Do you know how in movies, when you casually walk towards a bunch of pigeons, they would panickingly fly away? Yeah, not in New York City. As long as you don’t dash towards them like a crazy person, they will casually walk next to you and won’t even bother avoiding you. If you don’t want to step on a pigeon, you have to avoid them. They are the kings of the parks. Just like New Yorkers, NYC pigeons just don’t give a damn.

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Things go both ways here. Pigeons are not afraid of people and some New Yorkers love pigeons (the rest are just not bothered by them). There are quite a few pigeons whisperers in NYC. It doesn’t have to be one of those “famous” people that you heard about through the internet but when you visit the city, you would never see them. The whisperers are actually everywhere, especially during summer. You just need to go to a big park and you would see them casually sitting on benches and surrounded by a bunch of pigeons.

In Washington Square Park

One of the most famous pigeon lovers of the city is the NYC pigeon lady. If you want to find a true advocate for pigeons, she is the one.

That was a lot of reasons for you to like NYC pigeons. So, how about a trip to New York City to see our chubby pigeons eat pizzas?