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She who married young

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Rose came from a rich family. Ever since I met here in college, I already knew that she was rich. Not because she was showing off but because she didn’t care much for money. And as a college student, you always care about money.

She was a romantic. She majored in psychology and then later in arts. She drew. She created things. She mad beautiful doodles that made people smiled. She fell in love multiple times. Every time as hard as the first time. And finally she found her one true love.

I never liked the ‘ultimate’ guy, but I also never truly knew why. He also came from money. He went to our same college, majoring in Political Sciences. I heard a few sketchy rumors about him but I always thought those were only rumors. The guy did great for himself. Right after college, he got into the PhD program at Yale. She didn’t even attend her own graduation, just so she could go to Yale to see him. All the things she did for him and because of him. All the times she ignored her own life so she could be on Skype with him. All those times. And she married him, when she was only 21.

She moved to the small town of Yale, so she could be with him while he was getting his career on the rise. She was only 21, and already stepping down for her husband. She got a part time job at a little retail store, and days by days just like that in the small town.

It took her a few years to get her arts mojo back. When she did, she tutored kids arts. She had a few cats and gods. She was a little pet mum that posted pictures of her pets online all the time. I always wondered if she hadn’t moved to that small town, what she would be doing now? Would she be doing something ambitious? Would she be doing something grand? She could have been the next Picasso. We’d never know.

But who I am to say? She found her one true love when she was 19 and that love came true. How many people ever got that lucky? How many feel in love as a teenager and had the gut to put it all in and received it back? What’s a little few years living in a small town in exchange for that? What’s a quite life to exchange for being happy? Some days, I just wished I was brave enough to choose the simple happiness in life. The pictures of her cats chasing each other online brought me so much joy and I could tell they did for her too. Her husband, who I always thought monopolizing her, seemed to treat her right. So I guess, what else could a girl want?


Even a rose has thorns

Even a rose has thorns

Why do people say it like that? Are roses not supposed to have thorns? Why not? – Because they are beautiful, they are not supposed to have thorns?

When she was 15, her mother left her. For a better or a worse life, she wouldn’t know. She imagined her mother having a better life because then her leaving made more sense. She left for greener pasture. But she also wanted her mother to have a worse life. Because no child-abandoned mother should have a good life. She was the one deserved a good life, not her mother.

When she was 20, she finally made it to a university. It took a little longer than her peers. She worked for two years after high school. So she could save up a little bit, take out a little less loan and use her dad’s retirement fund as little as possible. Money was the issue, not her grades. Her mother leaving made her poorer, less supported, not dumber. People talked about her going to college as if it was a miracle. She took out a loan and she was there.

When she was 30, she walked on high heels and in designer dresses to talk to clients in her high rise office. Her hair curled into big waves. It had that good shine of expensive products. She was doing well and beautiful. She was half way paying off her student loan. She helped dad pay his rent so he could keep whatever left of his retirement fund for his actual retirement. He was not the best dad in the world. He stumbled and struggled. But he stayed. And a non-child-abandon parent deserved a happy life. She would be there to help him get one.

Are thorns good or bad? They protect the roses from being eaten by herbivores and insects. They are essential for the survival of the plant.

When she was 24, the love of her life asked her to move with him to California after graduation. Love was great but she said no. She couldn’t move her whole life and depend on a single person for happiness. She still thought about him sometimes, not with regret but with adoration. She hoped he had a good life. He left but he asked her to come with. He deserved a good life.

When she was 28, she met the man of her life. Love couldn’t conquer all. Neither was a man but a man was a bit more real. They met at a bar. It was fun memories.

When she was 30, she was proposed to. She said no. She wanted him to be in her life. She didn’t believe in marriage. She didn’t want neither of them to become a sinning liar for breaking a promise with God. Might as well not make a promise.

Even a rose has thorns. Thorns protect the roses. But they hurt the people around.

This post is a response to the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday writing prompt challenge that asked for a post about anything related to “Even a rose has thorns”.