and you would leave, right?

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I was certain that one day when I woke up you would leave

Because I was so happy

I couldn’t believe anything this good would ever happen to me

It was all a fleeing dream


That good things always end

That the heartbreak would send me over the cliff

and in a jiff I will be alone all again



you are still here

curled up in your blanket right near my heart

holding a part of me that I never knew I had

and I’m glad



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The way your beard brush against my face

making me tickle

and your Adam apple moves when you talk

The way your nose buried

into the nape of my neck

and your hair feels like soft sand paper

The way your eyes smile

with sparkles from the stars

You smell like cigars and fresh grass and morning dew

You taste like coffee and honey and warm milk

I’m so in love

And I’m so deeply in love

I can’t wait till tomorrow to love you

I can’t wait “till death do us part”

You are my love and my glory

Cause this life, there’s no victory like having you.

This post is a little response for the Go Dog Go Cafe Weekly Prompt. What a great prompt this week!


A guide on how to find cloud trees

Have you seen clouds growing on trees?

You’ve gotta be happy if you wanna see

You have to go at night with no light

You’ll need to climb to great great height

Then, you’ll find the clouds growing on trees

I wrote a little limerick for the weekly prompt on Eugi’s blog.

It is always fun to write a limerick. The poem style always sounds childishly cheerful.

Fiction · Life


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You told me, you like misprints
I squinted and asked,
Did you say you like mistakes?
You nodded, yeah

You turned off autocorrect
because you were fine leaving things unchecked
Tennessee missing a S is still the birthplace of your father
Pennsylvania without a L is still where your life gathered

You’re and your are not the same
One is you, one is something you claim
Some days it’s incredibly hard to tell which is which
So how dare a computer tells you to switch
As if you don’t already know which one needs the twitch

And the i, sometimes you leave them un-capitalized
On days you feel like i
you don’t want to write I
It isn’t something you forget,
it’s a choice


Before this moment

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Before this moment

I thought I knew it all:

How it felt to hit a wall

                And having to crawl back,

how to cry when the joy was eminent,

how to be silent when the pain was rough

Before this moment

I thought my body could contain bliss,

                And handle agony

Before this moment

Before you cried and said goodbye

                While throwing your body off the bridge

Before I saw your little face disappeared into the cold pier

Before this moment

I thought I knew

what pain felt like

This poem is a response to the usual wonderful Tuesday Writing Prompt by Go dog Go cafe.

Fiction · Life

Beauty in the eye of the beholder

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What is the line between cheesy and romantic?

What is the nick between bad taste and edgy?

Let me tell you a secret

There’s no line.

I wrote poems and hid them

I created songs and burried them in the dirt

I wrapped my soul in words

so tightly that my heart ached

I was afraid someone would think I was a fake

That all would break under the lightest scrutiny

that the heavy weight of judgement would sorrow me




that it turned out

I didn’t care.

My poems would stay the same

and my words isn’t a shame

You may not like it, but I hope the next person will

I’m here for the thrill of the language

for the twirl of my own voice

It might sound like music, or just a scratching noise

When I find my writing romantic, I wish you won’t find it cheesy

Because the only difference,

is you.



For the longest time, I thought you were it

All other things in life

Might not even compare

I know better now

Loving you was good, but

You’re not my most important anymore

Father is waiting for me to come home

After all the chaos in my life

Mother is getting older each day

I know better now

Leaving was good but so is coming back

Years have gone and I’m ready to be home

Fiction · Life

World Wide Web

We are children of the World Wide Web

We smiled, we cried, we put it on the net

We weave nothing into relationships

We like the people we never met

We share ideas faster than we ever could

We spread good cause cause we know we should

We shorten distance into bandwidths

We create brilliance through a few clicks

We can change the world in a flick

Oh, the power we now have

The poem is a response for the prompt on Go Dog Go Cafe.