My immigrant Dad

Dad was an immigrant from South East Asia. He moved to the US then met mom here. Mom was also an immigrant from the same country.

In the beginning, he struggled to keep up with his Visa and legal statuses. So many requirements and so complicated. Dad was able to understand English decently, but still only decently. He wasn’t born speaking the language. So besides the time he had to spend keeping up with his legal status, he had to spend so much time trying to understand the instructions on how to do so as well.

Then when he was looking for jobs, it was difficult. He couldn’t do this, he couldn’t do that. He could only do certain things. The poor guy just wanted to feed himself and be useful for society.

He used to always be afraid of cops and officers and politics. Basically, anything and anyone that mention the word “immigrant” even though he stayed in the US completely legal. And he followed every rule he knew of to a T. He was still scared. He used to tell me “Listen child, predators and politics, they are the same thing. If they don’t chase you. Don’t go chasing them.” He avoided all political conflicts like a plague.

He was still living in the US. He had the same job for the last 15 years. He bought a house in California. The house was expensive, but he made decent money. He got his green card about 10 years ago, and he got sworn in as a US citizen about 5 years or so after that. And his attitude changed after that.

He watched all types of political debates. He knew all the state senators’ names. He concerned about what they voted because he was a US citizen then. The benefits Congress voted were for him. He disassociated himself with the “new” immigrants. He had a tough time in the beginning. It made him who he was. Now, all the new immigrants shouldn’t have it too easy. It wasn’t supposed to be easier for them than it was for him. The tax money that the government spent should not be for those immigrants. It should be for US citizens like him. The thing he used to tell me as a child “Listen child, predators and politics…”, I guess it wasn’t right anymore. He was chasing them politics now.

This little fiction story was inspired from the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Prompt.