If you were a…

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If you were a rooster, you’ll think you are cool. You’re proud of yourself. You’re flashy with all the fancy feathers. But in the end, you are only a freaking chicken.

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If you were a pig, you’ll lay low. You’ll keep your head down and act as if you’re dumb, though we all know you’re actually very smart. You live your life carelessly because you know there’s no point in trying too hard in life.

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If you were a bird, people are often jealous of you, of how you can fly and go places. they don’t know sometimes you have to go. In exchange to be able to fly, you can’t make yourself warm enough to survive the winter. And that’s why you always have to fly South. It’s never an easy journey.

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If you were a tree squirrel, you’ll work all your life. You don’t get to sleep through the whole winter like you fellow ground squirrels. You gather and hunt all days, just to survive. You fellows sleep while you work. People don’t often know that you work so hard. they just think you’re just like the ground squirrels, sleeping peacefully somewhere.

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If you were a turtle, you’ll live for too long. Things pass, things change and you’re still there. It’s not bad though. Your friends also live that long with you. But the things you know living that long? Sometimes, you’d rather know less.

This article is a little fun take on the idea of spirit animals and the questions we always got asked “If you were an animal, what would you be?”


Catch the sunlight

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You told me to show up

And never give up a fight

To get to new height

I’ll have to catch the sunlight

You said to forget and forgive

Take the positive and make up for the bad

Don’t be mad at life, be glad

For me, no longer chasing the dark

I’m here to catch the sunlight

To declare that rematch with life

Not with strife and not with hatred

This time I’m gonna do it right