A good life

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

When John was twenty five, he had a decent job. It was not the most well paid one yet. But he knew where he would be years from then and how much he would make. So he was satisfied with his job. Next, he had to find himself a wife. This one was not as easy. He could try but in reality, whether or not he would meet a girl he liked that was also willing to settle down with him one day was kind of pure luck. And John wasn’t very good at gambling. Meanwhile, he dated around. He traveled places. He tried new things. He was living his best 20 something life.

Then he met Rachel. Thank God he met Rachel. The dating game was getting exhausting mentally and physically. He was so glad he finally found someone stable for at least a little while. She was a nurse so she was all he could ask for in the caring department. She was soft and sweet and he knew she was the one. Naturally, they got married.

Married life wasn’t that hard. Of course, there were times they argued but nothing that could really break them. They tried to squeeze in a vacation or two. They couldn’t really go on a lot of vacation though they make money. They didn’t have time. It was difficult for John to leave everything for his subordinates. And Rachel, needless to say, the woman was a nurse. She didn’t even sleep.

Rachel was pregnant. They were both happy and worried. Rachel had a good pregnancy and there came little Boy. It was hard taking care of a child. They never really fully knew what they did was wrong or right. But it was very much fun. So much fun that they decided to bring little Girl to life with just a little year apart. They barely had enough sleep for three years. They were busy with work, with children that they couldn’t think of anything else. They were happy but tired. They were satisfied but busy.

They both were making more money year by year. Their kid grew up and stopped waking up at night crying. Then schools came. They had to take turns taking the kids to school. Little Boy wanted to do karate and little Girl wanted dance lessons. They had to take turn to pick them up from school then extracurricular activities then pick them up to get home. John really really wanted a vacation. He missed getting away from home. He missed laying on the sand under the sun. He missed skiing down the Black Diamond slopes. he missed hiking up the tough trails with beautiful views. He missed not hurrying anywhere. But they had to spend weekends taking the kids to away tournaments or family gatherings or someone’s birthday parties. It was the good life that everyone else wanted. He shouldn’t complain.

It took them a while but they were finally close enough to having their time and freedom back. Little Boy grew up so fast. He soon would go to college, then little Girl a year later. John and Rachel could get the vacations they always wanted now. Though, they couldn’t really go climb or hike on the mountains anymore. Their knees and back were aching. Maybe they could do some yoga and be flexible again to climb those one day. They couldn’t go skiing. Getting older, they got much more sensitive to temperature. Their poor souls couldn’t handle staying in the freezing mountain resort for days to skii. Guess, they could still go to the beach. They shouldn’t really swim far into the ocean where the tides were strong. They were much weaker now. That was probably a bit dangerous. Now, with all the time and freedom they finally got back. They could take their time to go anywhere. Or, maybe just the beach.


Wanna bet?

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok

I don’t like children.

They are always whining, crying and they are so weak. I had to be careful around them. Last time I accidentally pushed one of them, he felt on the ground and hurt himself. Everyone started screaming and yelling at me. After that, I tried to not come close to any of those weaklings. Not worth my time.

They are also stupid. Things that people obviously know, they don’t. Jane has been in school and private tutoring for how long already and she still didn’t know how to do basic maths properly. Last time, I was forced to help her with her homework. It was just multiplication. There was nothing complicated about it. I had no idea why she didn’t know the answers already. She was just sitting there, scribbling on a piece of scratch paper with numbers that had nothing to do with the right answers. I lost my patience and hit her head very gently while calling her stupid. Mom ran out and yelled at me, again. I avoided Jane and other children like a plague after that.

However, thing was a little different today. Aunt Rose stopped by and she gave each of us $20 as gifts. I needed to come close to her to trick her out of her $20. She doesn’t do anything fun. What she needs that money for anyway. Me, on the other hand, can use that extra $20 for an epic battle in the arcade with Andrew. Time to stop avoiding Jane. So I approached Jane when she was watching some sparkle princess show on TV.

“Hey Jane.” I tried to smile as big as I could.

“Yeah?” She hesitated. “What’s up?” Of course she would find it strange that I came talk to her.

“Wanna play a bet with me?” I still smiled.

“What bet?” She finally showed some interest in this conversation.

“You are the tallest girl in your class right? So you are probably stronger than the rest of the girls,” I was starting my luring speech.

“Probably. Very likely.” She perked up, quite proud of herself.

“Me, I’m not even the tallest guy in my class. I think if we wrestle, you would probably win.”

“I don’t know about that. But may be…” She started to think.

“So how about we wrestle for the $20 that Aunt Rose gave us? The loser lost that $20 for the winner.”

“Uhm…I don’t know…” Now that money was involved, Jane started to wonder.

“Come on. You are for sure stronger than me.” I was pursuing her hardcore. “Isn’t extra $20 is amazing? I’m setting myself up to fail here.”

“Yeah…yeah. You are right.” She got hyped up. “I’m gonna win. I’m gonna beat you so hard you have to run back and cry to mommy. Let’s go!”

“Yes, you will” I was hyping her up even more.

While she ran away to get into her “fighting outfit”, I rolled my eyes so hard. Jane? Winning? Oh please. I was already laughing so hard inside. That $20 was for sure mine now. There was no way I could lose. She was nine years old, and she never had a chance.

This was a response for a Go Dog Go Cafe’s Writing Prompt Challenge.


See you soon. I missed you.

Close-Up Photo of Lighted Incense Stick Near Candle

I rushed to my mailbox. It definitely looked like the mailman stopped by today. No one else mailed me anything. I purposely cleared out all my mail just so I never missed yours. My mailman knew that. He only delivered me letters and packages with handwritten addresses. So the one he dropped off must be from you. I opened the mailbox and the green envelope looked familiar. Damn it. It was my mail to you got returned-to-sender. I knew you no longer lived at that address, but I was hoping this mail got to you in time. It didn’t.

Wire transfer completed. That was the last of the payments to Madam Zuzu. She should be sending instructions on preparations to me soon. This had to be perfect. So you shouldn’t worry. I’d make sure to prepare everythins right. Double, triple checking all the things she requested.

I knew you were more of a text person than a phone call person. But I wanted to hear your voice so I called you anyway. I memorized your number by heart. I never saved it into my phone. Firstly, because I would never, as long as I lived, forgot your number. Secondly, I didn’t know what to save your number under. No word could describe what you were to me. No word deserved to be the description of you. Dialed. Beep. Beep. Beep. I can’t pick up your call right now. Please leave a message. Thankssss!

Ouch. The needle poked me. I quickly licked my finger so the blood didn’t stain my work. Whatever. I was done with the your doll anyway. Madam Zuzu said it needed to be a handmade doll. This better worked. I only had a few of your hair left and I had to stick a strand inside this doll already. So hopefully that would not be a waste. Bought some sage today. Some incense. A best quality bottle of absinthe. I told Madam Zuzu that you hated absinthe, but she said that wasn’t for you to drink.

I brought fresh flowers for you today. Sunflowers. Your favorite. When I got there, there were already some white roses. Who did this? You didn’t like roses. I threw those roases away. Nobody understood you like I did. I squatted down, tracing my finger along each letter of your name on the tombstone. Carefully, one by one. It wouldn’t be much longer darling. This time we would really be together forever.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Madam Zuzu.

Yes, I have everything you told me to bring. I will be there soon.

I kissed your tombstone one last time before I left. Darling, next time, I would kiss your lips instead of this cold stone. This stone was in no way deserving to carry your name and this dirt ground should have never held you. Madam Zuzu guaranteed that it would work. A million dollars and half of my soul was a cheap price to pay.

I couldn’t wait to see you again. I missed you.

This little story was a response to the Go Dog Go’s Cafe prompt: End a piece of prose or poetry with the phrase “I miss you” —> Their prompts were always a creative boost for me. So much fun writing the stories.


Even a rose has thorns

Even a rose has thorns

Why do people say it like that? Are roses not supposed to have thorns? Why not? – Because they are beautiful, they are not supposed to have thorns?

When she was 15, her mother left her. For a better or a worse life, she wouldn’t know. She imagined her mother having a better life because then her leaving made more sense. She left for greener pasture. But she also wanted her mother to have a worse life. Because no child-abandoned mother should have a good life. She was the one deserved a good life, not her mother.

When she was 20, she finally made it to a university. It took a little longer than her peers. She worked for two years after high school. So she could save up a little bit, take out a little less loan and use her dad’s retirement fund as little as possible. Money was the issue, not her grades. Her mother leaving made her poorer, less supported, not dumber. People talked about her going to college as if it was a miracle. She took out a loan and she was there.

When she was 30, she walked on high heels and in designer dresses to talk to clients in her high rise office. Her hair curled into big waves. It had that good shine of expensive products. She was doing well and beautiful. She was half way paying off her student loan. She helped dad pay his rent so he could keep whatever left of his retirement fund for his actual retirement. He was not the best dad in the world. He stumbled and struggled. But he stayed. And a non-child-abandon parent deserved a happy life. She would be there to help him get one.

Are thorns good or bad? They protect the roses from being eaten by herbivores and insects. They are essential for the survival of the plant.

When she was 24, the love of her life asked her to move with him to California after graduation. Love was great but she said no. She couldn’t move her whole life and depend on a single person for happiness. She still thought about him sometimes, not with regret but with adoration. She hoped he had a good life. He left but he asked her to come with. He deserved a good life.

When she was 28, she met the man of her life. Love couldn’t conquer all. Neither was a man but a man was a bit more real. They met at a bar. It was fun memories.

When she was 30, she was proposed to. She said no. She wanted him to be in her life. She didn’t believe in marriage. She didn’t want neither of them to become a sinning liar for breaking a promise with God. Might as well not make a promise.

Even a rose has thorns. Thorns protect the roses. But they hurt the people around.

This post is a response to the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday writing prompt challenge that asked for a post about anything related to “Even a rose has thorns”.



I came across a challenge on Writer’s workshop on Go Dog Go Cafe and decided to give it a shot. It was a great exercise for writing structure.

Write a story under 300 words (a micro fiction) that includes all the parts of ABDCE structure, give your protagonist a strong desire, have your protagonist learn that he or she only has 24 hours to live, and give your character a choice between their life or their great desire. 


Paul locked the door behind him then blocked it again with a table. He walked around, checking every corner of the room. Nothing was allowed to go wrong today. He pulled out a long black case. Lying inside the case was his favorite rifle, customized and upgraded. Hailey was a beauty. He took out the tripod and placed it by the window. Paul adjusted its height, made sure its stand was stable. He took Hailey out of her case. He had her loaded and placed her on the tripod. Five hours left.  

Paul lighted a cigarette. He supposed to quit since its one of Hailey’s last wishes. But who the fuck care anymore? He only had 24 hours to live. When he met her in heaven later, he could apologize to her for not quitting. Four hours left.

Paul lighted another one. Hailey was depressed for a long time, and that was why. Everyone told him so. That wasn’t why. She did that because that motherfucking mayor raped her. She wrote in her last letter. Hailey hid that from him all these years because she was afraid Paul “would kill him.” She was right. Paul would kill him. He would shoot that son of a bitch right in the face when he was waving happily on his parade float. Three hours left.

Two hours left.

One hour left.

Paul’s phone rang. He picked up.

“Boss, we got that quack doctor. He had the antidote at his lab. You need to come now. It’s at 123rd…”

Paul hung up, cut off the voice yelling on the phone.

Paul bent down, looking through the optic adjusting his aim. His finger was ready at the trigger.

The parade music sounded closer and closer.

It’s time.