A guide on how to find cloud trees

Have you seen clouds growing on trees?

You’ve gotta be happy if you wanna see

You have to go at night with no light

You’ll need to climb to great great height

Then, you’ll find the clouds growing on trees

I wrote a little limerick for the weekly prompt on Eugi’s blog.

It is always fun to write a limerick. The poem style always sounds childishly cheerful.


Before this moment

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Before this moment

I thought I knew it all:

How it felt to hit a wall

                And having to crawl back,

how to cry when the joy was eminent,

how to be silent when the pain was rough

Before this moment

I thought my body could contain bliss,

                And handle agony

Before this moment

Before you cried and said goodbye

                While throwing your body off the bridge

Before I saw your little face disappeared into the cold pier

Before this moment

I thought I knew

what pain felt like

This poem is a response to the usual wonderful Tuesday Writing Prompt by Go dog Go cafe.


The creek

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I remember the sound of water. The way it slowly crashed through the pebbles and slipped through the rocks calmed me. It wasn’t a waterfall with intensive water falling from miles and miles above. It wasn’t the calm lake that remains so serene too the point of being cold. It was a little creek with water running through, soft enough to calm my mind but lively enough to know it was there.

The creek had no name. There was only one creek in town and everyone knew. Nobody needed to put a name on it. I would climb down the side of the road, and hid from the cops to walk under the bridge to go to a part of the creek that no one ever came by. There was nothing there but trees, the sound of running water and silence. I came there for the silence but the water movement made me still feel alive. I came there to write my poems. I came there to sing alone. I came there to get through my first heart break. I came there to fill myself with homesickness. I came there to take my senior pictures. And sometimes I came there just to be. I wasn’t there to be a great philosopher that trying to be part of nature. I wasn’t there to be anti-social and avoiding people. I was there to be alone with my thoughts. That little creek on the side of the road was when I figured I needed to learn to keep myself company. If there are too many thoughts and too many noises in your head, may be the way to go is to listen to them all. I liked myself because I learn to like how I think.

When I was in high school, I swore to leave that town as soon as I graduated. I did and I never looked back. But sometimes, I still think about the lively silence of that creek, about how my young little teenage years were there.

A quick write on the topic of place that inspired me. A fun prompt from Go Dog Go Cafe.


Catch the sunlight

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You told me to show up

And never give up a fight

To get to new height

I’ll have to catch the sunlight

You said to forget and forgive

Take the positive and make up for the bad

Don’t be mad at life, be glad

For me, no longer chasing the dark

I’m here to catch the sunlight

To declare that rematch with life

Not with strife and not with hatred

This time I’m gonna do it right


You tried to ruin me

You tried to ruin me, but I didn’t know any better.

From the first day I met you, I’ve already knew I was trapped. When you were sixteen and people told you they loved you, you believed it, and I did. When you told me you loved me, I knew there was no escape for me. Your eyes, your hand, your warmth, your heated, passionate spirit of a young man – who could resist all that. I fell right into your traps.

Then we were 18. I went to college, you didn’t. You made sure to come to my dorm very often to scare away all the guys that were interested in me. You took me away in your ugly hotrod, to all the beautiful places in the middle of nowhere. Just empty nature of trees, of birds and of us. You told me one day, when you’d make more money, we would go to fancy places like the city folks often do. When you made lifetime promises like that and I said yes, I knew that was it for me. You cornered me for life.

Out of nowhere, you told me you would join the Marines. You didn’t station far but I could only see you during the weekends and holidays. At first I thought that was bad. Then you got deployed. For six months, I didn’t get to see you at all. That wasn’t fair. We waited four years for me to graduate then you left me for half a year on deployment, immediately after only half a year into our marriage. But there was nothing I could do so I let you go.

After you came home from your first tour, we finally got to enjoy our marriage life. We made enough money to go to the fancy places like the city folks do. It took years but you kept your promises. You always do. And I will always remember you as a man of his words.

9/11 happened and you said you had to go. I shouldn’t have let you go. I should have never let you go. I know, I shouldn’t say that. There are many of your colleagues here today. They now would all think how unpatriotic I am for thinking that I should keep you home while the country was in crisis. But…you didn’t come home. You never came home anymore. They gave me a flag and asked me to make a speech at this ceremony. No, not a speech, a eulogy.

I knew very well, that in a eulogy, I should say about how good you were as a man. But all I could think of was how angry I was with me and with you. I should have never let you go and you should have never been such an amazing man. You were such strong, loving and patient of a man that when I found you, I thought I would never need anyone else. You were all I ever needed. You trapped me in your love. That now, when you were no longer here, my life went down the drain with you. You tried to ruin me and you succeeded. My whole life I have not learn to love anyone else but you. So what do I do now?

The only forgiving point I could give you was that you also dedicated your life to me. For your whole life also loved nobody else but me. And didn’t you love me well.

So I hope you rest in peace. May you go to a better place where only the best humans on Earth get to go. I hope you are proud of all the things you’ve achieved, you are proud of me and you are proud of the man you grew up to be. Because I am so proud of you, and I love you so much. But you already knew that. You knew that since we were sixteen.