Flash Fiction: New Toy

I don’t write fiction often. But there’s one thing for sure is that I love flash fiction. I always adore the ability to say more in fewer words. The 1000 word limit is that exact sweet spot. I haven’t written one for a while and I forgot all about it until I was inspired by a great post by IssababyCreates. So here’s a little flash fiction, answering the discover prompt: New.

New Toy

Tim turned on the light. It flickered for a few seconds before settling into a dim crepuscular shade.

Tim took a satisfaction sigh after placing his new toy on the shelf. He adjusted it a little to the left so it looked in line with the others.

Tim dropped himself down on the squeaky couch while throwing off his shoes towards the door. He popped a cold beer and chugged a big gulp. Three shifts back to back for the last few days wiped him out. Jacob’s son was sick again so he had to fill in. Yeah right, that alcoholic was probably just hung over, or drowning himself in cheap whiskey somewhere. Tim had no time to go back home. Even his precious toy, which he spent hours to obtained during the weekends, had to spend the last few days sitting in the cooler in the trunk of his car. Good thing that his toy was still in pristine condition.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

It was time. Tim jumped up from the couch. He threw the dirty plate into the sink making a loud clashing noise to the other dirty plates that were already in there. From the cabinet underneath the sink, he pulled out a black leather bag. He was not a leather guy. The thing was just too expensive but this bag was the old man’s. This bag was not a work bag. He would just look like one of those rich jackasses from uptown. But it was a perfect tool bag for doing his side stuff. Leather was a decent material. If any dirt or liquid got splashed on it, a simple wipe would clean it all. Nothing would seep through. Convenient. That’s why he bought himself a pair of leather gloves as well. Since he was doing this side thing more and more often now, he thought the gloves would be a worth while investment.

Tim turned off the light and locked the door behind him.

Key jingled. Tim slammed the door behind him as fast as he could. He slid down slowly to the floor, blocking the front door with his own body weight. Tim was out of breath. A police car cruised by his window with its siren blaring. Shit! When the red and blue light shined through his window, he unconsciously sucked in the air, trying to not make a sound.

The patrol car passed by and no more loud noises from the street. Tim bit by bit gathered his breath. He peaked through the window a little before finally switching on the light. With the leather bag was still in his grip the whole time, he rushed towards the sink. Tim pulled out a Clorox box underneath the sink and wiped the bag vigorously. He threw wipe by wipe dirtied of blood into the trash. Finally, he used one last wipe to clean his leather gloves before putting the glove into the bag and stuffed it underneath the sink again.

Tim pulled out a ziplock bag from his pocket. Carefully, he transferred the thing from the bag into an embalming liquid jar. The thing was a bit too long. He couldn’t close the lid fully. And this jar needed to be closed tightly or else it would make his whole apartment smell. That bitch was tall. He should know this would happen. Grabbing a tong from the counter, Tim tried to curl down the fingers a little so the middle one could fit neatly inside the jar.

Tim took a satisfaction sigh after placing his new toy on the shelf. The first one was a delayed display, but it did feel nice getting to put two new toys on the shelf in one day. He adjusted it a little to the left so it looked in line with the others. The palm should all face the right angle so the nail polish could shimmer when the light hit.

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