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Beauty in the eye of the beholder

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What is the line between cheesy and romantic?

What is the nick between bad taste and edgy?

Let me tell you a secret

There’s no line.

I wrote poems and hid them

I created songs and burried them in the dirt

I wrapped my soul in words

so tightly that my heart ached

I was afraid someone would think I was a fake

That all would break under the lightest scrutiny

that the heavy weight of judgement would sorrow me




that it turned out

I didn’t care.

My poems would stay the same

and my words isn’t a shame

You may not like it, but I hope the next person will

I’m here for the thrill of the language

for the twirl of my own voice

It might sound like music, or just a scratching noise

When I find my writing romantic, I wish you won’t find it cheesy

Because the only difference,

is you.

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